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The skin is a reflection of the health of the body. At HopeStone Spa, we offer you a place where stress can be left at the front door, and a natural high self-esteem can be found.

Body Care Services

Since ancient times, people have enjoyed the healing power of herbal baths, essential oil massages and seaweed wraps. These treatments are believed to provide nourishment directly to the skin while they create internal and external healing. These exotic services of Europe called, "Thalasso-therapy" are now available here. Discover that added beauty hidden within you.

Sea Salt Glow

Removes impurities, refines skin, increases circulation and leaves skin smooth and moisturized.
30 Minute Session: $65.00

Body Bronzing

A detailed application of self-tanning gel that will leave you looking sun-touched and natural.
60 Minute Session with Sea Salt Glow: $85 and up
30 Minute Session: $45.00 and up

Anti-Stress Wrap

Reduces stress and increases creativity.
30 Minute Session: $55.00

Cellulite Firming or Slimming Treatment

Lower body challenges appear for different reasons. We have found alternatives to help reduce the appearance of most skin challenges caused by infiltration of cellulite, water retention, fat deposit and loss of elasticity.

LumaFirm Lift & Glow – $130
Four layer blend of fast-acting ingredients and polypeptides that gives skin a firmer, smoother appearance.

Green Coffee Inch Loss Wrap
Full Body–$105 or Six for $567
Localized Wrap - $75 or Six $405
Smooth away the appearance of cellulite and loss inches instantly. The application of stimulating serum, natural caffeine ampoule and green coffee mask breaks down fat and increases metabolism to support inch loss.

Ear Candling

Therapeutic method of safely removing excess ear wax.
30 Minute Session: $45.00

Seaweed Body Facial

Body polishing, cellulite treatment, and total seaweed body masque to tone and revitalize tissue.
60 Minute Session: $125.00

Scalp Stimulation Treatment

Use of aroma therapy to remove buildup of products, thereby stimulating healthy hair.
30 Minute Session: $25.00

Dry Brushing

A rhythmical exfoliation treatment that promotes circulation and leaves the skin silky smooth.
30 Minute Session: $35.00

Airbrush Tanning

A safe, natural-looking, "just off the beach" tan in 30 minutes! You get the best tan without the orange color.
30 Minute Session: $50.00 and up