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The skin is a reflection of the health of the body. At HopeStone Spa, we offer you a place where stress can be left at the front door, and a natural high self-esteem can be found.

Massage Services

Since ancient times, people have enjoyed the healing power of herbal baths, essential oil massages and seaweed wraps. These treatments are believed to provide nourishment directly to the skin while they create internal and external healing. These exotic services of Europe called, "Tholasso-therapy" are now available here. Discover that added beauty hidden within you.

HS Signature Experience

Premier massage for those who desire the ultimate in a massage: Hot stones used with a custom blend of Essential Oils for the utmost relaxation. Also included is a rejuvenating foot scrub and foot reflexology.
90 Minute Session: $165

Body Massage

A relaxing Swedish massage for stress relief.
90 Minute Session: $110
60 Minute Session: $70
30 Minute Session: $50

Shiatsu Massage

Revitalizes the energy flow through the body.
60 Minute Session: $95

Tuning Fork Massage Therapy

Sound is healing vibration. We hear it and we feel it through resonance and frequency. Tuning fork therapy is an energy-based treatment using calibrated tuning forks. Tuning forks are divine healing tools which provide deep access to the body's healing system through application to the acupuncture and acupressure points that access the body's meridian and chakra energy systems, as well as the bone, muscle, circulatory and auditory systems.
60 Minute Session: $75

Reflexology of Feet

Starts with an aromatic foot soak and scrub to soothe and calm the nerves, followed by a pressure point massage from top to bottom of feet to enhance internal health and well-being. The massage is finished with a light, oil-free tension relief gel from the knees down.
60 minutes: $70

MediCupping™ Therapy

A technique using cups along with a variety of suction and release rhythms to lift your tissue, allowing the therapist to work deep within the muscle without discomfort or bruising, speeding up the healing process and freeing muscles to move easily again. Also beneficial in treating conditions such high blood pressure, anxiety, fatigue, chronic headache and fibromyalgia. MediCupping™ service may be added to a massage, body wrap or done alone.
30 minutes: $60
60 minutes: $90

LaStone Therapy

Experience this world famous massage using heated river rocks that will melt away your pain.
60 Minute Session: $95
90 Minute Session: $125

Mother to Be Massage

Special cushioned pad gives perfect comfort to those growing areas. Helps to relieve lower back and shoulder pain while improving circulation from head to toe. Please consult your physician before scheduling a massage. Physician’s approval is required for women in their first trimester.
30 Minute Session: $55
60 Minute Session: $85
90 Minute Session: $120

Back & Shoulder Facial

Skin analysis of your back and shoulders, deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, extractions and custom masque.
60 Minute Session: $55
With Hot Stones: $95

Raindrop Therapy

Massage therapy with Essential Oils to bring the body into structural and electrical alignment. A powerful, non-invasive tool for helping correct defects in the curvature of the spine.
60 Minute Session: $100

Aroma Touch Therapy

Out of this world experience to balance your mind and spirit. AromaTouch Technique is a clinical approach to stress management, immune support, and autonomic balance treatment by applying Certified essential oils along energy meridians and visceral contact points of the back, hands and feet to help balance sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems of the body.
60 Minute Session: $95